Why Loofah in Bathing Products

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The Loofah Scrub comes from the gourd-like secretions of the loofah plant, a known relative of the cucumber. The gourd forms a network that harden and become very durable when dried, forming what is known as the Loofah Body Sponge. In spite this name, the loofah is definitely not a sponge, which is a sea creature, Natural vegetable gourd
While Natural Loofah is an organic product derived straight from nature, there are skeptics who believe it does not provide any benefits aside from scrubbing. Moreover, they claim that using loofah for showering is nothing more than using an ordinary scrub or towel. However, they are wrong. Aside from its cleansing effects, loofah also has some benefits in store for your skin.
If you want to know more about loofah, and discover its many possible benefits to your skin and health, then continue reading.
Here are seven reasons loofah is good for your skin:
  1. It exfoliates the skin – The various natural fibers in a loofah makes it ideal as a scrub. What is great about these fibers is that they are very durable and non-elastic. As a result, they can take away the dead skin cells from your skin, revealing a new and clearer skin surface. In addition, it can also remove dirt or pollutants that are stuck in between your skin pores.
  2. Perfectly safe to use – Loofahs are made out of all natural sources, which means they do not contain and artificial substances that may cause risks to the skin.
  3. It improves blood circulation of the skin – If you scratch your skin because of an insect bite, you will notice that the surrounding area would turn red. This happens because blood circulates to that particular area. Improved circulation of blood helps in getting rid of toxins, chemicals and other harmful substances located in certain areas of the body.
  4. Too much scrubbing would less likely scratch the skin – Are you someone who takes scrubbing very seriously in order to get rid of all the dirt and dead skin cells on the surface of your skin? If yes, then it is good news that loofah very rarely causes scratches as the result of scrubbing.
  5. It does not cause irritation, inflammation or breakouts – Some scrubs are too harsh on the skin that they peel even healthy skin cells. This can lead to inflammation or irritation. It may also lead to acne breakouts, which are unpleasant. Fortunately, loofah only takes away dead skin cells and dirt.
  6. It helps in keeping the skin firm and smooth – Regular use of loofah will always leave your skin not just cleaner, but also smoother and firmer. Because you already took away all the ‘excess’ from the skin surface, only new and fresh skin will remain.
  7. Various types of loofah is applicable to different skin types – Depending on your needs, there is a loofah just for you. They come in several shapes, sizes, and uses. There is a loofah specifically made for scrubbing your back, while there are items made for the feet and toes. You name it, there is a loofah item made for it.

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