सौरभम्; -Aromatherapy body oil

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Aromatherapy essential oils are made using dozens of different medicinal plants, flowers, herbs, roots and trees grown all over the world — which have proven, powerful effects on improving physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

This massage oil is made with some of the most sought-after exotic oils: Argan, jojoba, and moringa seed oil. Fractionated coconut oil is added to give the oil a lighter feel.It include managing pain, improving sleep quality, reducing stress, overcoming symptoms of depression, soothing sore joints and even battling the effects of cancer.

The Massage Essential Oil Blend is a complex blend of pure essential oils. It was specifically formulated for massage and body oils. It contains more than 10 essential oils, including vit e oil, lavender essential patchouli essential ..Have a great weekend with relaxing body massage therapy