धान्यम्- Fermented Rice water Shampoo

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Created with rice water 3 ways, our protein-rich shampoo provides a gentle cleansing, detoxes scalp while strengthening hair + follicles. Rice Water is a thin + low to no sudsing shampoo. Don't let the low sudsing fool you, Rice Water does what it's supposed to do . . . gently cleanse your hair without foaming agents, fillers, no parabens + other nasties. SULFATE FREE. Rice Water De-tangling + Conditioning shampoo now contains Fermented Yeast for added strength + help to prevent hair loss. Fermented yeast contains important concentrations of vitamins, minerals and proteins that, when applied, strengthen the hair follicles to fight hair loss + promote growth. The main nutrients found in fermented brewer's yeast for hair health include: Vitamin B. Folic acid. Patch testing is suggested. When hair detoxes + removes buildup of gunk, chemicals, products, surfactants, silicones, plastics, etc. your hair may feel course + appear dry for the first two washes. After the detoxing hair should return to it's natural beauty + luster.