French Green Clay Shampoo Bar- Sulphate-Free

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Lovely French Green Clay Sulphate-Free Shampoo Bar. It features a beautiful, gentle surfactant blend, silky Abyssinian Oil, and creamy French green clay.

the bar lathers beautifully, leaves your hair feeling fantastic, and lasts for ages. Let’s dive in! I was intrigued by the pairing of solid anionic + liquid non-ionic surfactants and decided to give that a go here. And it’s great! The lather is positively decadent—rich, thick, plentiful, and just *muah*

The texture for this bar is much more like a smooth cookie dough than a crumbly biscuit or scone dough. It uses small grain solid surfactants rather than the sticks/needles, as those create more crumbly mixtures. It also includes some French green clay as I 1) love clay in hair care products and 2) it helps to effectively eliminate dirt, product build-up, dandruff, and toxins, while balancing oil production to cleanse excessive oils without stripping the natural oils.

And Of course my favorite unique blend of essential oils makes this Shampoo bar more unique and active .. regular hair spa feeling at home :-) 

Preservative broad spectrum