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Lotus Purple Clay shampoo bar

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Brazilian Purple Clay 

Lotus oil 

Mowrah(Mahua Indian) Butter

The hair industry's well kept secret, Mowrah butter is known for gently moisturising and boosting hair growth. Combined with Evening Primrose Oil and Argan Oil's Vitamin E richness, our En-Tangled butter helps strengthen your hair, prevents hair breakage and promotes hair growth.

luxury Lotus extracts- Lotus extracts help in enhancing the elasticity of hair. It makes the hair stronger and also adds that extra volume to your hair. Lotus oil boosts the growth of hair and makes it shiny and healthy. Intense repair for healthier is possible with Lotus Oil.

Brazilian Purple Clay is a type of Kaolin Clay that is imported from Brazil. The Purple clay has a vibrant hue that looks very attractive and luxurious. This clay is rich in Vitamins, Minerals, and other nutrients which makes Skin Lustrous and Shiny. Natural Brazilian Clay is naturally rich in fatty acids containing Omega 3, 6, and 9, which effectively helps repair damaged tissue and cell regeneration. Pure Purple Brazilian Clay contains high content of Magnesium which helps to slow down the process of skin aging as it has Antioxidant properties. Purple clay also helps in Skin Cells Regeneration making the skin look luminous and refreshing. The natural and Therapeutic Ingredients present in the purple Brazilian Clay helps to Re-Hydrate Dry Skin and prevents it from absorbing toxins caused due to pollution. Organic Purple Brazilian clay is used as an Anti-aging agent as it diminishes visible wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging. It also helps to heal acne and pimples by eliminating bacteria and other free radicals from the skin. The high content of Antioxidants present in organic Brazilian Purple Clay helps to constructively prevent skin from Sun Damage and Pollution



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