Sunshine Lotion

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You do love to spend hours in the sun, but your skin might disagree. Rather than bathing in sunshine and risking a burn, I created this Sunshine Lotion

It’s a thick and creamy texture, yet it feels surprisingly lightweight on the skin. Scented with Sandal essential Oil and Seabuckthorn Oil, it smells slightly flowery and completely amazing. It’s like spreading a little bit of summer on your skin!

In addition to water, oils and emulsifier, lotion recipes require a preservative. Preservatives are anit-microbial solutions that prevent mold and bacteria from growing in your products. Any product that contains water requires a preservative. For the preservative in this recipe, I used optiphen which is a paraben and formaldehyde-free preservative.

Ingredeitns :

Argan Oil, Almond oil, Sandal essential oil , Seabuckthorn oil ..